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Native Heritage & Trans Visibility Month

Here at Rockin Roquin, we strive to live better and do better by the communities that care for us and lands we steward. With November being National Native American Heritage month, and Transgender Awareness month, we stand in solidarity with our Native & Trans relatives not just this month, but every month of every year. We also stand for a liberated world with our relatives in Palestine, Sudan, Congo, West Papua, Hawai'i, and all others experiencing injustice.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

We are not free until we are all free.


Saina Ma'åse

Håfa Ådai

Here at Rockin Roquin,

we create pieces that embody the land, the sea,

and Ancestry of Laguås yan Gåni – the Mariana Islands.


Showcase the abundance and beauty of the islands we call home.

Curate stories that pay tribute to our experiences and uplift our voices.

Demonstrate the sustainability of traditional practices and art.


Honor the stories and the strength of our mañaina.

Advocate for community health & wellness.

Cultivate a brighter future.


Dudus by Design

Handcrafted Indigenous CHamoru Art & Fashions.