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In the last weekend of May, 2023, supertyphoon Mawar formed in the west Pasifik - with the eye of the storm passing between Guåhan and Luta. It has been 20 years since the last major typhoon, Pongsona. This being the first major typhoon in a generation, much of the island's infrastructure has been weakened. While there were no fatalities associated with the storm, many were left vulnerable without power and/or water, and some lost much- if not everything, due to heavy rains and flooding. While there on the ground efforts are working continuously and tirelessly to restore power, water, & aid throughout the islands, we must do our part in helping our homeislands recover.

For the foreseeable future, 100% of proceeds will go towards mutual aid efforts. Helping folks secure shelter and food, providing families with baby care supplies, and financially assisting other organisations providing on the ground efforts. We know our island and our people will recover-

but that will come with time, hard work, and your help.

Saina Ma'åse for supporting our community

Håfa Ådai

Here at Rockin Roquin,

we create pieces that embody the land, the sea,

and Ancestry of Laguås yan Gåni – the Mariana Islands.


Showcase the abundance and beauty of the islands we call home.

Curate stories that pay tribute to our experiences and uplift our voices.

Demonstrate the sustainability of traditional practices and art.


Honor the stories and the strength of our mañaina.

Advocate for community health & wellness.

Cultivate a brighter future.


Dudus by Design

Handcrafted Indigenous CHamoru Art & Fashions.